Pro-Am Competition


What is Pro-Am Competition?

Pro-Am Competition is where a student competes with his/her instructor.


Who Can Do Pro-Am Competition?

Anyone!  Pro-Am is great for people who want to enter a dance competition, but may not have a partner to compete with.  Pro-Am is also a way to improve your dancing by taking lessons and competing with a professional.


What Types of Pro-Am Competitions are Available?

You can compete in Pro-Am in Ballroom Dance, Country Dance and West Coast Swing.  No matter what your age or level, there is a Pro-Am division for you.  Competitions are divided by age and level, as well as Leaders and Followers, so that you can compete with your peers.


Where Can I Compete?

There are many local competitions that offer Pro-Am, as well as National and International competitions on several Ballroom, Country and Swing circuits.   You can also do non-competition Pro-Am performances at local shows and studio showcases.


Interested in Dancing Pro-Am?